Conference 2018 Call for Class Size Limits.pdf Conference 2018 Call for Class Size Limits.pdf
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Conference 2018 Teacher Supply in Crisis.pdf Conference 2018 Teacher Supply in Crisis.pdf
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Energy drinks guidance.pdf Energy drinks guidance.pdf
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Children and young people drinking energy drinks are having an adverse affect on behaviour in the classroom and making it very difficult for teachers to teach effectively. The NASUWT - The Teachers' Union, in conjunction with Swanswell, have produced comprehensive Guidance covering the basic facts about energy drinks which teachers can use in the classroom to educate pupils about the effects of drinking energy drinks. You can access it on this link.

Union Merger_March 2017_faq.pdf Union Merger_March 2017_faq.pdf
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The ATL and NUT membership have voted with little enthusiasm to merge and form the NEU, the National Education Union, and no longer be a purely Teacher Trade Union.

This could impact on NASUWT members in schools and colleges. The NASUWT has produced a Briefing Note for members which you can access on this link. 

Members are advised to contact the Wirral NASUWT Secretary if you experience any adverse repercussion from the merger process: 

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