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Mick Robinson, Assistant Secretary, by e-mail: mickrobinson@nasuwt.net

Newsletter 2001.pdf Newsletter 2001.pdf
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September 2015: Penalisation of Public Service Workers, School Teachers' Pay & Conditions, GCSE & GCE Results, Sixth Form Colleges' Funding.

Newsletter 2002.pdf Newsletter 2002.pdf
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October 2015: School Calendars and Directed Time, Government Attacks on Basic Rights, Government Failures, the Trade Union Bill and Edsential.

Newsletter 2003.pdf Newsletter 2003.pdf
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Contober 2015: Conference Edition: Conservatives', Labour's, the NASUWT  2015 Women Teachers' and the 2016 Annual Conferences.

Newsletter 2004.pdf Newsletter 2004.pdf
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November 2015: Strike Action, Dwindling Prospects for Young People, Work Related Stress, Directed Time Budgets, Wirral NQTs "Starting Out".

Newsletter 2005.pdf Newsletter 2005.pdf
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December 2015: Selective Strikes in Wirral, Governors Fit For Purpose? Teacher Retention Crisis and Primary Representatives' Training.

Newsletter 2006.pdf Newsletter 2006.pdf
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January 2016:  New Year Resolutions for Teachers, Supply Teacher Spending, More on Redundancies and the Well-being At Work Survey.

Newsletter 2007.pdf Newsletter 2007.pdf
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February 2016: Redundancy Consultation Period, Budget Deficits,  The Trade Union Bill, Wealth Distribution and NASUWT STRB Evidence. 

Newsletter 2008.pdf Newsletter 2008.pdf
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March 2016:  Election of New Wirral Association Secretary, Safer Internet Use and Young Teachers Unable To Get On Property Ladder.

Newsletter 2009.pdf Newsletter 2009.pdf
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March/April 2016: Budget Cuts Impact on Education, the Chief Inspectors' latest announcements, Funding Formula Reforms & School Holiday Dates.

Newsletter 2010.pdf Newsletter 2010.pdf
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April/May 2016: Conference 2016 Report, Beware Multi-Academy Trusts, Supply Teachers Still Being Failed & Supporting Members Locally Survey.

Newsletter 2011.pdf Newsletter 2011.pdf
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Type : pdf

June 2016: Reflections of our Retiring Local Secretary, Financing Northern Schools, Teacher Recruitment and Gained Time - a Reminder.

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