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Newsletter 2101.pdf Newsletter 2101.pdf
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Type : pdf

September 2016: Our new Local Secretary, Anne Rycroft. Changes to our meetings' schedule. Empowering teachers.The new GCSE grading system. Early Years' funding.

Newsletter 2102.pdf Newsletter 2102.pdf
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Type : pdf

October 2016: National Action Updates, School Calendar and Directed Time, UPS Progression, Workload Issues: Homework,Flexible Working, Schools' IT Policies and Use of Social Media.

Newsletter 2103.pdf Newsletter 2103.pdf
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Type : pdf

November 2016: Pay Progression and the Annual Pay Award, Education Bill Dropped, Behaviour Management Course, Academy Headteachers' Bad Behaviour and Sixth Form Colleges' Funding & The WAT.

Newsletter 2104.pdf Newsletter 2104.pdf
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Type : pdf

December 2016: Getting Involved in the Union, A Reply from the Principal of Birkenhead  Sixth Form College, theOfsted Report 2016 and the Continuing Crisis in Teacher Retention.

Newsletter 2105.pdf Newsletter 2105.pdf
Size : 1267.845 Kb
Type : pdf
January 2017: AGM Information, Latest Government Reform, Growing Pay Differentials Between Headteachers and Classroom Teachers, Parents' Evenings and Trapped Time.
Newsletter 2106.pdf Newsletter 2106.pdf
Size : 1232.754 Kb
Type : pdf

February 2017: Assault on Teachers' Pay Continues, Occupational Health Appointments, Action Short of Strike Action, Lesson Observations and Learning Walks, Sex Education, Local Elections and Academic Selection.

Newsletter 2107.pdf Newsletter 2107.pdf
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Type : pdf

March 2017: Schools Losing Out Under New Funding Formula, Report Into Multi-Academy Trusts, Asbestos in Schools, "Taking Work Home Is Deadly", DfE Teachers Working Longer Review, PM Reminder & PSHE/SRE Update.

Newsletter 2108.pdf Newsletter 2108.pdf
Size : 1423.847 Kb
Type : pdf
April 2017: NUT & ATL Merger, Behaviour in Schools, the National Funding Formula, Ofsted Inspections' Reliabiilty Study, Issues Faced by Supply Teachers and Multi-Academy Trust Consultations (or lack of them!)
Newsletter 2109.pdf Newsletter 2109.pdf
Size : 1351.627 Kb
Type : pdf
May 2017: Issues Faced by Wirral Schools, Dealing With Pupils' Mental Health Issues And Dealing with Teachers' Mental Health Issues, SEN Pupils' Barriers to Achievement and Checking Your Pension Contributions.
Newsletter 2110.pdf Newsletter 2110.pdf
Size : 1360.193 Kb
Type : pdf
June 2017: NASUWT - the only union dedicated to teachers, Exam Invigilation, MATs depriving pupils to pay CEOs, 2017 Disabled Workers' Conference, GCSE gradings reform will increase pressure on pupils and schools.

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