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Newsletter 2201.pdf Newsletter 2201.pdf
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September 2017: Welcome to the new Academic Year, Academies spending millions on Consultants - and Trustees, The Kingsway Academy Closure, Pension Changes Making "You Work Til You Drop", The STPCD 2017,  Be In Control Of Your Performance Management and The New A Levels.
Newsletter 2202.pdf Newsletter 2202.pdf
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October 2017: End to the Pay Cap?, The National Education Union, Subscriptions 2017,  NASUWT NWRC Training Courses, the new Secretary's Report - Pay, Flexible Working (Part Time), Performance Management and Pay Progression and The Storytelling Weekend with Taffy Thomas!
Newsletter 2203.pdf Newsletter 2203.pdf
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November 2017: Academy Budget Surpluses, Teachers' Mental Health, Flexible Working, Malicious Allegations and in the Wirral Secretary's Report: Contracts, Safe-guarding, Performance Management & Pay Progression, The Part Time Teachers'  Briefing and finally Real Term Losses in Teachers' Pay.
Newsletter 2204.pdf Newsletter 2204.pdf
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Type : pdf
December 2017: It's time to explain to members how their union is organised Locally, Regionally and Nationally; and what they could do for it. Also in the Secretary's Report: Action Short Of Strike Action, Selective Strike Action and the Lack of Pay Progression.
Newsletter 2205.pdf Newsletter 2205.pdf
Size : 1202.717 Kb
Type : pdf
January 2018: Trebling of Pupil Suspensions for Assault, Chancellor Fails to Grasp the Nettle, The 2017 Ofsted Annual Report, Edsential Advice and The  Secretary's December Report including "Lucky to Work Here", Flexible Working, Term Dates and Holidays and a few other issues of possible interest.

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