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Newsletter 2201.pdf Newsletter 2201.pdf
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September 2017: Welcome to the new Academic Year, Academies spending millions on Consultants - and Trustees, The Kingsway Academy Closure, Pension Changes Making "You Work Til You Drop", The STPCD 2017,  Be In Control Of Your Performance Management and The New A Levels.
Newsletter 2202.pdf Newsletter 2202.pdf
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Type : pdf
October 2017: End to the Pay Cap?, The National Education Union, Subscriptions 2017,  NASUWT NWRC Training Courses, the new Secretary's Report - Pay, Flexible Working (Part Time), Performance Management and Pay Progression and The Storytelling Weekend with Taffy Thomas!
Newsletter 2203.pdf Newsletter 2203.pdf
Size : 1200.126 Kb
Type : pdf
November 2017: Academy Budget Surpluses, Teachers' Mental Health, Flexible Working, Malicious Allegations and in the Wirral Secretary's Report: Contracts, Safe-guarding, Performance Management & Pay Progression, The Part Time Teachers'  Briefing and finally Real Term Losses in Teachers' Pay.

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