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Newsletter 2301.pdf Newsletter 2301.pdf
Size : 656.033 Kb
Type : pdf
September 2018: Welcome Back to Another New School Year, Essential Reminders: School Teachers' Pay  and Conditions of Service and Action Short of Strike Action; and Asbestos in Science Experiments Warning.
Newsletter 2302.pdf Newsletter 2302.pdf
Size : 671.086 Kb
Type : pdf
October 2018: Teacher Exodus Continues, Party Conference Reports, Relentless Attacks on Workers' Rights Continues, Public Accounts Committee Report into Ofsted, Anne Rycroft's Wirral Secretary Report.
Newsletter 2303.pdf Newsletter 2303.pdf
Size : 847.239 Kb
Type : pdf
November 2018: Women Teachers Undervalued, Underpaid and Under Pressure, Welcome Reforms to Ofsted, Schools Minister in Denial, Crumbling Classrooms, Budget Adds Insult to Injury, Secretary's Report.
Newsletter 2304.pdf Newsletter 2304.pdf
Size : 760.192 Kb
Type : pdf
December 2018: Use of Crude Data Targets in PM Must Stop Now, Teachers Working Longer Review - A Wasted Opportunity, The Local Secretary's Report, Seasons Greetings and Dates for Meetings.
Newsletter 2305.pdf Newsletter 2305.pdf
Size : 879.15 Kb
Type : pdf
January 2019: Requests for Flexible Working, Redundancy Notices, OFSTED's 2018 Annual Report, The Local Secretary's Report inc. Work/Life Balance, Physical & Verbal Abuse and Teachers' Expectations.
Newsletter 2306.pdf Newsletter 2306.pdf
Size : 867.766 Kb
Type : pdf
February 2019: Lives Being Ruined by Workplace Bullying, EPI School Funding Report, OFSTED To Change Inspection Regime, Hot DfE News and the Secretary's 2019 A.G.M. Report.
Newsletter 2307.pdf Newsletter 2307.pdf
Size : 952.993 Kb
Type : pdf
March 2019: A National Education Service? Teacher Recruitment Needs Addressing, Employers Failing To Treat Staff With Dignity And Respect, A.G.M. Update, Cheshire Members on Strike Over Conditions of Service. 

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