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Newsletter 2301.pdf Newsletter 2301.pdf
Size : 656.033 Kb
Type : pdf
September 2018: Welcome Back to Another New School Year, Essential Reminders: School Teachers' Pay  and Conditions of Service and Action Short of Strike Action; and Asbestos in Science Experiments Warning.
Newsletter 2302.pdf Newsletter 2302.pdf
Size : 671.086 Kb
Type : pdf
October 2018: Teacher Exodus Continues, Party Conference Reports, Relentless Attacks on Workers' Rights Continues, Public Accounts Committee Report into Ofsted, Anne Rycroft's Wirral Secretary Report.
Newsletter 2303.pdf Newsletter 2303.pdf
Size : 847.239 Kb
Type : pdf
November 2018: Women Teachers Undervalued, Underpaid and Under Pressure, Welcome Reforms to Ofsted, Schools Minister in Denial, Crumbling Classrooms, Budget Adds Insult to Injury, Secretary's Report.
Newsletter 2304.pdf Newsletter 2304.pdf
Size : 760.192 Kb
Type : pdf
December 2018: Use of Crude Data Targets in PM Must Stop Now, Teachers Working Longer Review - A Wasted Opportunity, The Local Secretary's Report, Seasons Greetings and Dates for Meetings.
Newsletter 2305.pdf Newsletter 2305.pdf
Size : 879.15 Kb
Type : pdf
January 2019: Requests for Flexible Working, Redundancy Notices, OFSTED's 2018 Annual Report, The Local Secretary's Report inc. Work/Life Balance, Physical & Verbal Abuse and Teachers' Expectations.
Newsletter 2306.pdf Newsletter 2306.pdf
Size : 867.766 Kb
Type : pdf
February 2019: Lives Being Ruined by Workplace Bullying, EPI School Funding Report, OFSTED To Change Inspection Regime, Hot DfE News and the Secretary's 2019 A.G.M. Report.
Newsletter 2307.pdf Newsletter 2307.pdf
Size : 952.993 Kb
Type : pdf
March 2019: A National Education Service? Teacher Recruitment Needs Addressing, Employers Failing To Treat Staff With Dignity And Respect, A.G.M. Update, Cheshire Members on Strike Over Conditions of Service. 
Newsletter 2308.pdf Newsletter 2308.pdf
Size : 760.889 Kb
Type : pdf
April 2019 Conference Edition: Articles from Belfast - Motions Debated, Pension Reform, Upskirting Court Verdict, Centenary Celebrations, President's Address and National Pay Framework in Tatters.
Newsletter 2309.pdf Newsletter 2309.pdf
Size : 822.432 Kb
Type : pdf
May 2019: Teachers Electronically Tethered, Paying a High Price for High Stakes Accountability, Time to Train is a Fundamental Right, NASUWT Wellbeing Packs and The "Secret Garden" of School Finances.
Newsletter 2310.pdf Newsletter 2310.pdf
Size : 683.269 Kb
Type : pdf
June 2019: NASUWT Members' Compensation Figures, Changes to the Inspection Framework, Academy Accountability, Older Teachers Being Forced Out of Their Jobs and Wellbeing Campaign Launched in Wirral.
Newsletter 2311.pdf Newsletter 2311.pdf
Size : 893.119 Kb
Type : pdf
July 2019: Who's Listening to the Teacher Trade Unions?  Wirral's PRU to Close, Pupil Behaviour Getting Worse, Report on Current Government Policy, Local Secretary's Report and other interesting stuff.

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